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Shown below are two examples of on-line applications.  On-line applications have many advantages over traditional applications such as:
  • Data entry is possible from anywhere on the Internet using only a web browser.
  • Full password security can be used to protect all or part of the data allowing public and protected functions.
  • Data is centrally located and protected.

Please use the links to explore these applications.

Event Calendar


Click here to see the calendar from a visitors perspective.  The calendar can be searched for specific events and and displayed in a variety of formats.

The calendar application is maintained using an on-line form.  A login is required to edit or delete entries.  Additionally, you may designate an event as having registration and the application will automatically allow on-line registration or you can enter registration information for the registrants.  Registration data is then retrieved using a simple selection.

Visitation Tracking This simple application allows entry of data into a web based form then the data can be  retrieved using a simple query form.  Selected data is retrieved and displayed as a report.

Event Calendar Sample Screens

Event Calendar Display (calendar format)

Event Selection Screen

Event Entry Screen

Visitation Tracking Application Sample Screens

Data Entry Screen


Report Selection Screen

Sample Report

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